Click for link to purchase books and contribute 20% of the proceeds to Rancho’s fundraiser –  Money For Schools and it’s a WIN – WIN for ALL!!!

Flyer Information:


Money4Schools-Fall2019 SP

Copperfield’s Books invites your school to our School Fundraising Weekend November 1st – 3rd!
Sign up by October 23rd to be included in our online and in-store promotions.

Sign up! Fill in your school’s information below.
Choose how you would like to receive your donation:
After the fundraiser weekend, we’ll send you a check for 20% of all sales made by your community.
However, if you choose to receive your donation in the form of a Copperfield’s gift card, we’ll send you 25%.

Download your promotional packet! Everything you will need to get the word out is available here! Flyers, posters and social media content is all available for download on the right hand side of this page (below if you’re on mobile). You distribute the flyers and spread the word to your school community.

Time to shop! Tell your friends, family and other supporters to go to any Copperfield’s location on November 1st-3rd and mention your school’s name at the register. 20% of their purchase will go to your school!

We’ll tally up the totals, and mail your donation to the address you’ve provided

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