Dads on Campus (DOC) invites positive male role models (dads, grandfathers, uncles, and other father figures) to volunteer at least one day during the school year. DOCs might assist with the Kiss ‘N Go Circle, read with students, help teachers prepare projects, engage with kids at recess, eat lunch with students, or assist students with a variety of activities in his child’s classroom and other classrooms. *A DOC can sign up for any time commitment that works in his schedule (i.e. an hour or two, half day, etc.)

Dads on Campus (DOC) invita a modelos masculinos positivos (papás, abuelos, tíos y otras figuras paternas) a ser voluntarios por lo menos un día durante el año escolar. Los DOC pueden ayudar con el Círculo Kiss ‘N Go, leer con los estudiantes, ayudar a los maestros a preparar proyectos, involucrarse con los niños en el recreo, almorzar con los estudiantes o ayudar con una variedad de actividades en el salón de su hijo.

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Thank you for joining us at the September 14th launch party!  Hope that you and your kids enjoyed the fun!   – It was great seeing you there!

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